Monday, January 28, 2008

Ongoing Call

This is an ongoing open call for net based art regarding the topic of complexity. This blog will showcase the ongoing submissions continually. Some entries already posted are given as examples. Please submit writing through email and visuals as either jpeg, gif, wmv, or mov files to

"Complexity" has been selected to become part of the JavaMuseum "a+b=ba? [art + blog = blog art?]" exhibition where you can find more information and netbased art.

Richard Jochum

"Simplicity and Complexity" - A Call to Our Children by Or-Om

Dear children!

The virtual Group Or-Om tries since more than 20 years to explain some child's play basics about the relationship between simplicity and complexity to scientists, mathematicians and logicians. Without any success!

Please respond to our open call - here - and examine our thoughts. You are our last hope! It is up to you to take over the torch of these basics into a new century!

Group Or-Om

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