Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Appreciation of Problems

Book-object, Vienna 1992, edition of 23 books

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The booklet "Problembewusstsein" [Appreciation of Problems] tells the story of complexity as it applies to our being in the world. It originally serves as a handout for a course in political science dealing with international policy making and development theories. I found it unbelievable that each of us knows of the world's worst problems (starving, HIV, growth of population, global warming, man made epidemics, natural disasters, etc.) while not doing much against it. Knowing and doing seem to correspond little to each other. That might not be a big problem as long as everybody takes care of his or her private business and as long as these local businesses are not connected among each other, but sustainable and self-sufficient. It may be fatal yet, in case they would be related, connected, interrelated with each other, and have a global extension.

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